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Several years ago we stumbled upon a homeless camp, this "Tent City"  while looking for parking. We could not believe this was right in our back yard, yet no one seems to be cognizant of what is happening to our residents in Morris County.  As a matter of fact there are three of these Tent Cities in Morris County! Is it ok to just allow people to live in the outdoors in inclement freezing weather? Is this acceptable to anyone? For ALESI, this is not. We have taken this upon ourselves  to bring relief in many ways to these families and individuals in need.  We have a fundraising in coordination with local businesses to provide waterproof backpacks with much needed health and hygiene supplies and thermal and waterproof clothing, sleeping bags, and medical, dental, and mental health services for them at this time. However, that is just temporary relief. We at ALESI help communities with permanent affordable housing as it is our mission to help people in need. Therefore, we are launching a campaign to collect funds and apply for grants to be able to get these families and individuals the much needed affordable housing they need. No one should live this way.  Your help is needed now!